Eliza Strouse, Lindsay NerbyDate: 600-1500
In 570 Muhammad was born in Mecca. Both of his parents died when he was at a young age so he was raised by relatives. In 610 Muhammad had his first vision in a cave near Mecca. After his vison he preached it to his home town Mecca. He recited verse after verse and would later become the Qur'an, Islam's sacred scripture. Everyone was upset with what he and his disciples were preaching. They were physically attacked for departing from Mecca's traditional religious views. The Quraysh tribe banned Muhammad's tribe to trade. Later Muhammad's wife and ucle died and then the leaders of Mecca attempted to kill Muhammad.

Something that was very important to the Islams was the Black stone which is a Muslim relic. It is an eastern cornerstone of the K
Samarra mosque
aaba, which is the ancient sacred stone building towards which Muslims pray. The stone is a dark rock. Some consider it as a meteorite. Some Muslims think this stone dates back to the time of Adam and Eve. It was set into the Kaabaa's wall in the year of 605 C.E. Their tradition says that it fell from the heavens to show where Adam and Eve built an altar.

The Five pillars of Islam was a big thing to the Islams. They represent the duties that the Muslims do for their religion. First there is Shahadah which stood for accepting that Muhammad was the messanger of God. 2nd there was Salat. It is the Islamic prayer. 3rd there is Sawm which were three types of fasting. Then Zakah, which is giving to charity based on how much money you have. And 5th there is Hajj. This means going to a pilgrimage. Not all pillars were found at the same time. the first pillar was found in the year 610.

five pillars of islam

Karan(Quran): The holy book of Islam. The final revelations of Allah that were given to Muhammad. It contains ethical guidelines and by which the followers of Allah are to live.
Caliph: Succesor to Muhammed. He was a wealthy merchant and Muhammad's father-in-law. They were also known as Abu Bakr.
Astrolabe: instrument used by sailors to determine their location by observing the position of stars and planets. made it possible for Europeans to travel to the America's

Sultan: "holder of power" took command of empire. He was the Turkish leader. Thery held the military power of the state.
Vizier: Council headed by prime minister. He advised the caliph. He would discuss the orders from the caliph with the coucil.
Historical People:
Muhammed: The prophet of Allah. Starter of Islamic religion. He was mostly brought up by relitives because of his parents' early death.
Angel Gabriel: Gave Muhammed the message that he was the prophet.
Hussein: He was the second son of Ali. He was also the son-in-law of Muhammad. He encouraged his army to rise up against Umayyad rule.
Abu Bakr: Father in law of Muhammed, they chose him to be the leader. He became the first caliph. The Islamic movement grew with his power.
Khadija: Muhammad's widow. She was very rich and she was also was his employer. He was her manager.

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570: This is when Muhammad was born.
622: (Hijrah) It became the first year in the official calander of Islam.
map of islam

630: People in Makkah decide to have Islam religion.
635: This is when the Quran was complied.
632: This is when the death of Muhammad took place.
642: This was when areas in northern Africa had been added to the new Arab Empire.
750: This was when th Abbasid dynasty was set up.
848: When the Great Mosque of Samarra was built.
1187: Saladin's army invaded the kingdom of Jerusalem and destroyed the Christian forces there.