Eliza Strouse, Lindsay Nerby
date: 600 B.C- 500 A.D.

A very important thing to Rome was when it was first found. this happened in 753 B.C. was founded by Romulus and Remus. They were twins who were
known to be brought up by a wolf. Romulus ended up killing Remus because he wanted to rule rome himself. rome was named a

In 40 A.D. the gospels began to be written which included the New Testament. By 100 A.D. Christian churches had been built in most of the major cities. this really helped spreading Christianity. Simon Peter and Paul were apostles that were part of this movement of Christianity. Paul took the messages of Jesus to the Gentiles and Jews. He found Christian commununities along the shore of Aegean Sea. Pauls message was that Jesus was our Savior and that if u believed in him your sins would be forgiven and you would be saved.
In 193 A.D. the Severan rule started. The military government under the Severan rulers took power. Severus told his sons to pay only the soldiers and pay no attention to anyone else. During this time there was a period of disorder. Who ever took the throne was chosen because of their military power. During this time there were 22 emperors. A lot of them had a violent death.

Gladiator Fighting

Julius Ceaser


Twelve Tables: first code of Laws. This was adopted in 450 B.C. and was a product of a simple farming society and proved inadequate for later Roman needs.
Centuriate Assembly: It was one of the people'sassemblies and the mostimportant one. Elected cheif official, such as con
Romulus and Remus
suls and praetors and passed laws.

Triumvirate: This meant a government by 3 people with equal power. Was formed by Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey in 60 B.C.
Imperator: Also known as commander in chief. This word gave us the word emperor. Augustus later got this title.
Patricians: great land owners, became Rome's ruling class. They later bacame known as the plebians that were made up of less wealthy people.

Historical People:

Jesus: He thought that his job was to complete the salvation that God had promised to Israel throughout its history

Romulus: He was the First Roman Emperor. He killed his brother so he could have the power and not Remus.
Remus: Brother of Romulus, they were brought up by a wolf. He was killed and not able to have power over Rome.
Juius Caesar: He had a military command in Spain. He was part of the process of the trumvirate in60 B.C.
Virgil: He was the most distinguished poet of the Augustan Age. He also wrote his greates work in honor of Rome.

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650 B.C.: This was the time period when Etruscans had control over Rome.
Map of Roman Empire

509 B.C.: This was when the Romanscame and overthrew the Etruscans and took their power back.
200 B.C.: This was when Rome adopted Greek features.
78 B.C.: Spartacus lead a slave revolt at this time.
60 B.C.: The first Triumvirate is formed by Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey.
44B.C.: This was when the assination of Julius Caesar took place
27 B.C.: Then Octavian was named emperor.
96 A.D.: The rule of Five Good Emperors began at this time.
100 A.D.: This was when the Dynamics of Roman family undergoes changes.
180 A.D.: This is the time when the Pax Romana ends.