Queen Victory: also known as “Empress of India”
Mohandas Gandhi: refered to as India's Great Soul. He protested British laws by using civil disobedience.
Brigadier Reginald: he was the British Commander. He was alson called “Butcher of Amritsar”
Du Bois: An African American that lead a movement that made all Africans aware of their own culture heritage.
Garvey: he stressed the need for the unity of all Africans, a movement known as Pan-Africanism which later impacted many Africans.
Pol Pot: the director of a brutal revolutionary regime in Cambodia. He was the leader of the Khmer Rouge.
Marcos: he was accused of involvement in the killing of a popular opposition leader.
Ho Chi Minh: Leader of the Wietnamese Communist movement. He was a dedicated follower of Lenin and then became a leader.
Nathuram Godse: This was the man that assined Gandhi
Jewaharla Nehru: He was India's first Prime Minister, also known as :Pandit” (teacher)
Lord Mountbatten: he was the last Viceroy of india