Eliza Strouse, Lindsay Nerby3000 B.C.- 50 B.C.
Ancient Egytian history is broken into three main kingdoms. The first kingdom is known as the Old Kingdom. The kings were powerful leaders called Pharaoh that possessed absolute power. During this time a bureaucarcy was developed. The pyramids were also big creations during this time period. The egyptians would mummify people and buried them deep in pyramids.The second kingdom was called the Middle Kingsom. This was a time for expansion. Armies invaided other countries to try to take over them. Pharaohs were seen as leaders verses god like figures in the Old Kingdom Era. They created the Nile cannal.The last Kingdom was called the New Kingdom. This came from the invasion of Egypt by the Hyksos. These people ruled for 100 years. They taught the egyptians how to make tool out of bronze. Eventually the Egyptians drove out the Hyksos and the New Kingdom was established in 1567 B.C. They became the most powerful state in West Asia. The first woman became pharaoh named Hatshepsut.sphinx.jpgmummy.jpg



Terms:Sphinx: Huge statues carved from rock. (body of a lion, head of a human)Great Prymaid: Pyramid of King Khufu. (biggest pyramid)Pharaoh: Great house or placeHeiroglypichs: System of writing.Scribes: teachers for wealthy men.
Historical People:King Menes: United the villages of Upper and Lower Egypt into a single kingdom.King Khufu: Constructed the Great PyramidHatshepsut: First woman to become pharaoh.Akhenaton: Tried to change the religion to monotheistic.Cleopatra VII: last pharaoh that tried to restore Egypt.

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